The menu management tool designed to help you showcase what makes your restaurant special

The QR code menu with pictures.


Built for savvy restaurateurs & marketers who want to provide a better experience with a menu that sells more food and gives detailed menu marketing insights.

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"Since 2019 I've helped locally owned restaurants do an additional $120,000 in food & beverage sales by using pictures.

Now I've built the better MENU platform to help your restaurant do the same."

- Dan Burkard, Founder of the better MENU


How it works

Revenue generation + marketing analytics from your menu


Bring in more guests

Potential guests Google restaurants to decide where to hangout this evening and choose YOUR bar or pub because your digital web menu has big ass pictures on it, making you stand out.


Sell them more stuff

When guests visit your restaurants they get to see pictures of your irresistible cocktails and mouthwatering food before they order. Seeing their drinks & food before they order is a great experience so they stay longer, order more items and leave bigger tips.


Gain valuable data

You get insights into how your guests navigate your menu pages, what menu items they like to view and how they interact with your digital menu in general.


Make your menu better

Using these data points and analytics we can help you engineer your digital menu to maximize your bar's or brewery's sales using the simplest menu management software.

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Get a little boozy and show off your buns

Whether the stars of your menu are your cocktails, your burgers or your wings we can help you show your guests what makes your bar or pub unique.

Reporting and analytics that are easy to digest

Overwhelmed by your Google Analytics? Don't sweat it. Our platform is powered by Google Analytics and we can provide you with detailed menu reporting with just a few clicks.

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Menu management made easy peasy lemon squeezy

Updating and managing a menu can be a pain. We realized that and made it as easy as possible. It still isn't fun, but it won't waste your time either.

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You have really great looking food & drinks!

Lettuce help you show your guests with pictures, not tell your guests with words

"Turkey bacon cheddar" Sounds good, looks better ➡️


Did you know food loves posing for the camera? 3... 2... 1... say CHEESE!