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A premium web & digital in-house dining menu thoughtfully designed to help restaurants bring in more guests and increase ticket sizes

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Using pictures on your website's menu increases odds of a visit by up to 35%

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Convert web visitors into real visitors.

Increase ticket size.


Using pictures &

a digital menu for

in-house dining increases average ticket sizes up to 9%

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Fact: pictures help restaurants sell more food.

Fact: now you're hungry.

MENU management made easy.

With the food supply chains in flux, how can you ensure that you are able to maintain your food cost margins with static web, pdf or paper menus?

You either eat the margin loss from increased prices & hope it's only temporary or go through a costly menu reprint and web updates. Either way, you are leaving money on the table...

As a restaurant, you need a solution that allows your team to update your menus on the fly, from any device with no web development skills required.


We can help you with that. We are that solution.

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Your food. Your brand. Your MENU.

Whether you're making the most epic hot dogs in town or have a James Beard winning restaurant, we believe that chefs are artists.

And every artist should have the best platform possible to show off their creations. Put your food front and center for everyone to see.

Let us help you show off what makes your restaurant unique with the better MENU that highlights your creations directly on YOUR WEBSITE!

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What our partners are saying...

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"When meat prices went up overnight this past June due to supply chain issues, we were able to instantly update the pricing on our MENU, which helped us avoid taking a hit on our food cost margins." - Carey Bringle, Owner & Pitmaster of Peg Leg Porker

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"We were using MENU but our [well known] POS provider convinced us to try their table side ordering tools. We noticed an immediate drop in sales and after a couple months away, we are happy to back using MENU." - Joe G, Director of Hospitality at Local Brewery


What their guests are saying...

"I love pink cocktails. I don't care what liquor it is made with, if it's pink I'm going to order it! I loved that Stock & Barrel had pictures of their drinks on the MENU, and the David Basilhofff is my new favorite cocktail." - Cindy B., guest at Stock & Barrel

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"That mac and cheese looked insane. And it was the best mac and cheese I've ever had." - Tim B., guest at The Mac Shack

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Partner testimonials coming soon!


Have you ever had mac 'n cheese on a burger?

Our solutions. Built for restaurants like yours.

Just to be clear, we are NOT a food delivery app, a digital ordering platform or a temporary COVID solution. But we ARE a better solution for your restaurant's menu needs.

Our platform turns your website visitors into guests at your restaurant, saves you time & money on menu design & printing, and provides a better dining experience for your guests that increases average ticket size.

92% of people look at a restaurants menu online when deciding where to eat and pictures increase the conversion rate by up to 35%.

Restaurants are able to reduce menu related printing costs by over $5,200 per year and reduce the time they spend creating, updating and printing paper menus or web menus by up to 2 hours per week.

Guests' satisfaction with their meals increases when they see their food & drinks before they order and they spend up to 9% more during their visits.

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Let's grab a beer & chat a little more!

We would love to learn more about you and your restaurant.

Our goal is to support as many local restaurants as possible, so when you book a call for us chat about how we can help you, we will also send you a gift card to grab a drink at your favorite local restaurant.

Use the button below to schedule the Zoom and we will send you your gift card & the link to our virtual meeting.


Click here to learn more about our founder Dan


Are your sales so good you don't need pictures?

That's cool with us! Dan is still always down for a beer if you just want to shoot the shit, but if not feel free to stay social with us on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!

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