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Built to  help restaurants thrive

influence + tech + strategy for independent restaurants



Supporting local restaurants

instagram + podcast + tiktok + youtube

It all started with a passion for supporting and showcasing the local Nashville hospitality scene.

Now it has become a platform with over 15,000 followers, 4,500+ podcast downloads and thousands of fellow foodies inspired to try local restaurants.

We partner with passionate chefs, business owners and marketers looking to share the story behind their amazing brands!

Digitizing the in-house experience

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We help restaurants reach more locals, elevate guest experience and build brand loyalty - all with a better menu.

Speaking with restaurant owners we hear constant concerns about how to reach more locals and consistently turn them into regulars.

We built the tools to help restaurants do exactly that.

make your menu your best marketing tool

Rewriting the playbook for effective marketing

the 2022 framework to win at marketing

It starts with putting you in control of your guests' expectations before, during and after their meals.


We then cover the different data sources you should be tapping into.

And we teach you how to leverage that data in your marketing and operations to accelerate your brand.

Playbook Splash

Coming soon!

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