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Hey Julia and Flora + Fauna team!

Dan here from @wickedtasty and the better MENU.

So excited that y'all are now open.

We're helping your peers around Nashville, like Ladybird Taco, incorporate tech into their dining experience and make sense of all the data they have access to help their marketing team be more effective & efficient in turning first time guests into raving regulars.

More thoughts in this short video I made for you below!

We talk to a ton of our 13K+ followers on @wickedtasty and they always tell us how helpful it is to see pics before ordering (even my mom says this lol)

Flora Fauna

What your guests see now vs what they could see...

Full brand customization like the Ladybird Taco menu available for you too :)

Restaurants are always telling us how much of a challenge it is to collect and make sense of their guest data. We help our partners and their marketing team make sense of data and put it into action based on guest trends we are seeing happen today

MENU-screenshot-analytics (1).png
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