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Helping Chefs Create A Legacy

by engaging with your raving fans to make an impact & monetize your brand

How the best chefs & restaurant brands become & stay relevant.

Last 10 years

- A pretty Instagram that attracts followers

- Email marketing blasts

- Buzz from the press

Next 10 years

This is still useful...

But brands won't win without this

- Long form content that connects with fans

- 1-to-1 conversations

- Community discussions


Our Process


1. Define Your Brand

2. Connect With Content

3. Engage Your Fans

We help you discover your passions and define how you want to be known.

We help you share your passions through content that builds an emotional connection with your fans.

We help you have direct and meaningful conversations with your fans about your passions.

Whether your mission is to win a James Beard award, be a pillar of your local community or expand your business... This is the exact model, called Saturn32, which we will use to help you create that legacy.

Learn why we call it Saturn32

Case Study

Follow along in real time as we use our Saturn32 framework to grow our Wicked Tasty Mug Club. With the mission to raise $10,000 for local Nashville charities and drive $50,000 in revenue for local Nashville restaurants, bars and breweries by June 2023.


Each month I will provide updates on the status of our mission and give behind the scenes look into how we are putting our framework into action.

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Hospitality Impact Meter.png


Use the form below to complete your application for the Saturn32 Brand Growth Accelerator. We want to ensure that your brand is the right fit to see results from our program.

Application takes ~10 minutes to complete

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