the better MENU, thoughtfully designed for restaurants like yours

Turn unappealing text only web menus into a beautiful picture menu that showcases your food & drinks directly on your own website!

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Use as your in-house dining menu to replace or supplement printed menus so your guests can visualize your food & drinks before they order from your service staff

Give access to any member of your team, from your chef to your FOH manager, to update your menu from any phone or computer.

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Benefits of the better MENU for your restaurant and your guests

Convert more web visitors into real visitors by up to 35%

Reduce menu item confusion & increase guest satisfaction

Increase average in-house ticket size by up to 9%

Save over $5,200 per year on menu printing, design and web updates

Easy menu management to ensure you maintain margins with supply chains in flux

Stand out from the competition with the best menu in town!


When we launched the better MENU, we made it a mission from day one to ensure every partner sees a positive return on investment (ROI) from our tools.


Unlike many tech companies with hidden fees or pricing structures that take from restaurant's bottom lines, we understand that we can't survive if our partners don't thrive.

Our platform delivers an average ROI of over 10x to our partners.

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*discounted professional photography services also available in select markets. Inquire during demo.